6 Unexpected Uses for A Wet/Dry Vac

Your wet/dry vac is great for so many uses, like cleaning the car, taking care of leaks or spills and unfortunately, sometimes for unflooding your crawl space or basement. But did you know your wet/dry vac can do more than clean up the expected messes of everyday life?

In fact, having a wet/dry vac on hand can be one of the easiest ways to save time and stress less with everyday tasks. Get more out of your investment and make the most of your wet/dry vac with these six unexpected uses.

1. Easily Inflate Water Toys: Don’t waste any more of your precious breath (and time) blowing up inflatable pools or water tubes by mouth. The detachable blower on our 12-gallon Vacmaster is a great option to quickly inflate tubes, toys and rafts and soon, you’ll be able to purchase a Vacmaster adapter that makes it even easier to blow up your gear.

2. Popcorn ceilings: Need an excuse to get rid of your outdated popcorn ceilings but are terrified of the mess it’ll make? Do it yourself by taking notes from this guy—he taped a spackle knife to the end of his wet/dry vac hose, scraped it against his popcorn ceiling and sucked up the mess before it had the chance to fall.

3. Pet Hair & Fish Tanks: Anyone with furry pets know that pet hair can get everywhere—even if your pet isn’t supposed to shed. So, it’s a given to use your wet/dry vac for this purpose (and the 4-gallon Vacmaster is super portable so you can always have it close by). But, if you have a pet who lives in a tank, cut the cleaning time in half and whip out your handy wet/dry vac to quickly suck the gallons of water without even moving the tank.

4. Bug cleanup: In the garage, on outdoor furniture, the front porch, — it doesn’t matter the season, bugs are always looking for ways to call your home, home. Put away the broom when it comes time to clean up spider webs and start using your wet/dry vac. Our 5-Gallon BEAST wet/dry vac will have you saying sayonara in no time with its portability to allow you to go anywhere, paired with its seven foot long hose and best-in-class suction.

5. Ash maintenance: From the grill to the outdoor firepit to the indoor fireplace, if you love real fire over wood or charcoal but hate the cleanup, Vacmaster has an ash vac made specifically for you. Rest easy knowing its triple-layer filtration system that includes a Dacron-type pre-filter, metal mesh filter cage and a three-layer fine dust cartridge filter, makes it completely safe to suck up fire hazardous ashes.

6. Water balloon pick up: There aren’t many things about summer more tedious than the cleanup portion of a water balloon fight. Whether you have the 12-Gallon or 5-Gallon Vacmaster in your arsenal, you can easily and quickly pick up the tiniest .

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