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Your Secret Weapon in The Never-Ending Messy Kids Battle

Your Secret Weapon in The Never-Ending Messy Kids Battle

Posted by Vacmaster on Apr 3rd 2018

Because life with our wonderful kids can still be downright gross.

From sticky stuff between the seats to the dreaded playroom clean-up, mess seems completely unavoidable when you’re a parent. We don’t have to stress about it, however—or let it get so out of hand that we enjoy our homes less. Check out these six easy fixes—using only one tool: the  VBV1210, wet/dry vac with detachable blower from Vacmaster.

Vacmaster VBV1210 VERSUS:

1. The Minivan and Car Seat

Reduce a weekend of elbow grease into a matter of minutes: use the redesigned, ultra-versatile accessories of the  VBV1210 to clean out every nook and cranny of the car seat, seatbelts and minivan seats; the wet/dry function to get out water and spills; and quietly, quickly clear the floors and mats of wrappers, Cheerios, dirt and grass from cleats and boots.

2. From the Garage to the Mudroom

Let the kids jump in puddles or the dog go out in the rain and muck—you’ve got this with  the VBV1210. The powerful detachable blower makes short work of blowing out any and all debris from the garage as your crew marches back from their outdoor adventures. Plus, the powerful wet/dry vac functionality easily handles clean-up in the mudroom - so bring on the grass clippings, wet and dry mud, tracked-in leaves, acorns and pebbles dislodged from hiking shoes. Hose down the tile and suck the dirty water up in no time flat to finish the job.

3. The Playroom

Picking up toys in the playroom—and stepping on all those pain-inducing tiny plastic bits—is no parent’s idea of fun. Thankfully, there’s an easier, faster, quieter way to do it: moving in a grid across the room, use  the VBV1210 to suck up everything from building blocks to doll clothes, and once you’re done, simply dump the whole colorful mess into a storage bin. Your feet (and precious free time) will thank you.

4. Sticky Slime and Play-Doh

Yes, it must be cleaned up—but it’s sooooo yucky to touch. That’s the beauty of  the VBV1210’s superior suction power and versatile accessories, like the optional inside liner. On tiled or smooth surfaces, suck up the bigger pieces of gunk and use the utility nozzle to scrape up the smaller bits. To empty, simply remove and toss the vacuum liner—no touching sticky messes needed.

5. The Family Couch

Pennies, smashed food, wrappers, spilled milk, sticky candy—the nooks and crannies of your family couch are a treasure trove (and pain to clean with a traditional vacuum). The wide diameter of  the VBV1210’s hose can grab the bigger debris, while the streamlined accessories can leave every small space spotless in one pass.

6. Crafts Day

Beads. String. Stickers. Pasta letters. Popcorn garlands. The dreaded, horrible glitter. It’s all part-and-parcel of a craft day with your little artist. What might tear up the inside of a traditional vac is a piece of cake for  the VBV1210—saving you time (and money to send her to art school). And for the super crafty parents out there, consider using your garage back patio for craft time. Plenty of room to explore and create, and afterwards simply detach the blower to corral all the bits and pieces into one corner, then drop the blower back on the vac and suck everything right up. Beautiful!


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