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What Makes the Award-Winning 5-Gallon Beast Everyone’s Favorite Wet/Dry Vac?

What Makes the Award-Winning 5-Gallon Beast Everyone’s Favorite Wet/Dry Vac?

May 17th 2024

The Vacmaster Professional® Beast Series™ 5-gallon vac is not a regular old wet/dry vac, it's a 2024 Gold Hammer Award winner. But what exactly makes this machine a fan favorite? In this post, we'll plunge into the top five features that make this high-performing, compact shop vacuum the envy of the wet/dry vac world.

Power and Portability

First on our list is the ideal combination of brute strength and transport-friendly design the 5-gallon Beast offers. Featuring a high suction 6.5 HP motor with 82" of water lift, it provides relentless suction power to tackle the toughest spills and debris in your workspace or home. Despite this power, this vac remains astonishingly portable. Whether you're cleaning stairs or moving from one project site to another, the unit's small footprint, coupled with its easy-to-grip handle, means it goes wherever the mess is - no sweat.

High-Efficiency Filtration

The 5-gallon Beast utilizes a high-efficiency cartridge filter, protecting the motor and prolonging the life of the vac by capturing and containing fine dust particles – down to 1 micron in size. As an added layer of protection, each vac also comes with a high-efficiency dust bag; this eliminates the hassle of cleaning out a messy tank and makes discarding debris a breeze! For those sensitive to dust, it's a silent guardian that ensures your environment remains not only visibly clean, but the air around you is fundamentally cleaner.

Incredible Cleaning Reach

Say goodbye to the frustration of short cords and limited hose lengths. The 5-gallon Beast boasts an extended cleaning reach of 27-feet; its 20-foot power cord and 7-foot premium kink-resistant hose ensures that every corner, nook, and cranny is within your grasp. It's a feature particularly appreciated in expansive spaces and when tackling tasks that require getting around obstacles. Add an extension wand and nozzle for even more reach!

SecureLock™ Accessories with Complete Vac Organization

It's often the little things that make the biggest difference, which holds true with the Beast's 9 accessories, including a SecureLock™ locking hose and nozzles. Gone are the days of attachments falling off mid-use. Each accessory locks into place with a satisfying snap, guaranteeing a secure fit in the toughest of cleaning conditions. Furthermore, complete vac organization keeps your tools, hose, and cord neatly arranged and ready to go, instantly accessible for when the job demands a quick swap.

Converts to a Blower

Finally, versatility is the name of the game with the 5-gallon Beast, which seamlessly converts into a blower by attaching the hose to the rear blower port. This dual functionality means you're getting two mighty tools in one. The transition from vacuum to blower is simple, making the cleaning of workshop sawdust or autumn leaves a task you might actually look forward to tackling.

The Vacmaster Professional® Beast Series™ 5-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac is a highly-rated tool that ticks all the boxes for efficiency, convenience, and durability. Power and portability, high-quality filtration, impressive reach, locking accessories, and dual-functionality sum up why it sits atop the throne of cleanliness. If these standout features align with what you're looking for in a clean-up companion, then it’s no mystery why this vac might just become your next favorite tool.


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