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This Wet/Dry Blower Vac Will Be Your Best Friend This Fall

This Wet/Dry Blower Vac Will Be Your Best Friend This Fall

Sep 4th 2018

Keeping your home tidy doesn’t have to be a chore.

When we think of seasonal cleaning, spring usually comes to mind—but fall is another ball game entirely. It’s all hectic schedules, holiday prepping, tidying up for visitors and tackling endless leaves… and when you own your home, the big to-do list falls on us. There’s good news, however: with a powerful two-in-one tool like this wet/dry blower vac, you’ll save time, money and back pain all season long.

1. Make Short Work of Deck Cleanup (and driveway, and yard, and...)

This two-in-one, powerful wet/dry blower vac from Vacmaster can suck up dirt, leftover pollen and dust, blow off twigs, leaves and stubborn acorns, as well as suck up any sudsy water from hosing down the planks—voila, spotless deck ready for crisp outdoor mornings curled up with a warm mug of joe.

And as the leaves start falling from the trees around your house, don’t stress over hours and hours of raking—there’s a faster, easier way. Use the built-in blower function of this wet/dry vac to make short work of the piles in your yard, on the driveway or on the car.

2. Tackle the Big Cleanups, Too

Leaves aren’t the only thing to rain down when the trees start fallen asleep for the season. All those unwanted branches, twigs and even limbs littering your yard? Not the décor you had in mind, we know. Your best bet for a more painless removal job after breaking down and mulching them is a powerful 2-in-1 tool that can both suck up large wood chips and blow any remaining dust off your deck and out of your yard.

3. Clean The Last of Summer Out of Your Grill

Those chunks of spent charcoal, greasy drippings and mountains of ash—they’re a real beast to clean out by hand (and somehow, that super-fine soot gets on everything, from cracks in the deck to inside our clothes). There’s an easier way: use your wet/dry vac to finish the job in no time. With a wide diameter hose, big debris is no problem; and with smart airflow and filtering, the ash goes into the vac—not the air.

4. Carpool Clean-Up, One and Done

Fall is already a hectic season—especially for homeowners with kiddos that need ushering back and forth from school and practice. If you’ve ever sat in a carpool caravan line, you know—those kids are messy. From breakfast crumbs and after-practice snack bits, to crayons, random Legos and the much-dreaded glitter, a fast, quiet and easy-to-maneuver wet/dry vac on hand in the garage will keep the minivan spotless.

5. Spruce up the Indoor Fireplace

Whether you’re only just getting ready for the holidays and need to clean out Summer’s dust, or you’re deep into fall and want to stay on top of the accumulated soot of big, crackling fires, this powerful wet/dry vac makes it as easy as pumpkin pie. Plus, with smart airflow and filtering, all that ash goes into the vac—not the air.

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