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The Best Wet/Dry Vac for the Garage

The Best Wet/Dry Vac for the Garage

Posted by Vacmaster on Apr 16th 2018

From detailing your car to cleaning up workshop messes, a wet/dry vac is an essential tool for every garage. But knowing which vac to add to your arsenal – and store in prime real estate – can be a tough decision. Whether you’re constantly cleaning up under the hood of your car or use the garage as a catch-all for DIY projects, arts and crafts and home renovations, we’ve outlined the best wet/dry vacs to keep stored in your garage to make easy clean-up of major messes.

1.Vacmaster BEAST Series 5-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac ($99) – The most portable option in our high-performance line of vacs, the 5-gallon BEAST Series wet/dry vac is designed to take down the toughest jobs. Designed for and used mainly in professional work environments, it’s great for homeowners who have consistent cleanup to do in the garage or in cars. It has over 25 feet of cleaning reach so you can reach farther – or down the driveway – without unplugging the unit.

2.Vacmaster Wall Mountable Wet/Dry Garage Vac ($97) – Can barely fit your own car in your garage? Can’t imagine adding one more tool to the space? You’re in luck, our 5-gallon wet/dry vac easily mounts to the garage wall, meaning it’s out of your way when you don’t want it and always within reach when you do. The accessories make it easy to detail your car every night if you choose, and the 10-foot hose with remote control handle make cleaning up backseat messes – like crushed crackers, spilled milk and muddy shoe prints – easy to conquer before you even get inside. Added bonus, it easily detaches from the mount, turning into one of the most portable vac options on the market.

3. Vacmaster 12-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac with Detachable Blower ($85) – if you’re constantly outdoors, tending gardens, taking care of the lawn or working on projects, our 12-gallon wet/dry vac with detachable blower is the perfect choice to go from cleaning up major messes to blowing away grass clippings, leaves and runaway mulch. It’s powerful enough to take down workshops full of sawdust yet versatile enough to easily manage going from hose to blower, without extra steps and readjustments.

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