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Six Of Our Best Vac Life Hacks

Six Of Our Best Vac Life Hacks

Posted by Vacmaster on Apr 3rd 2018

DIY doesn’t have to mean big builds; these small tips can make life a lot easier, too.

When most people are looking for the best wet/dry vac for their needs, they’re probably imagining big DIY projects or big household messes. But the rare beauty of a powerful, ultra-versatile vac like the  VJH1211PF Beast Series 12 Gallon Professional Wet/Dry Vac from Vacmaster is how much more it can do. Check out a few of our favorite tips below.

1. Cleaning Out Your Grill

Those chunks of spent charcoal, greasy drippings and mountains of ash—they’re a real beast to clean out by hand (and somehow, that super-fine soot gets on everything, from cracks in the deck to inside our clothes). There’s an easier way: use your  wet/dry vac to finish the job in no time. With a wide diameter hose, big debris is no problem; and with smart airflow and filtering, the ash goes into the vac—not the air. You can work the same magic on your post-winter fireplace, too.

2. De-shedding Your Home—And Pet

If you’re fond of furry friends, you’re no stranger to the sheer volume of pet hair that seems to accumulate in every nook, cranny and corner of the house. Instead of the laborious process of going over each square foot of floor multiple times with a traditional vac,  one powerful wet/dry vac can suck up the clumps and dander in no time—shortening the job drastically—and can even get the fur you don’t see out of vents and from under furniture with ease. If your gentle giant isn’t spooked, you can even use the accessory wand to regularly de-shed his shaggy coat, preventing the worst of the tumbleweeds from happening at all.

3. Clean Off Your Deck, Fast

You could blow the leaves off your deck, then sweep out the clogged crevices, and then hose it down and scrub it clean… or you could do it all with  one versatile, powerful two-in-one wet/dry vac and blower. A high CFM means the leaves and the dirt and acorns stuck in the corners are toast; industry-leading suction power then makes short work of the sudsy water you throw down; and if a touch up is needed, a convenient brush tool is right there at your fingertips with on-board accessory storage.

4. Un-Clog Drains Without The Chemicals

It’s a grubby universal truth: owning a home means eventually dealing with a clogged drain, whether in the kitchen sink or bathroom shower. Instead of pouring an expensive, often toxic chemical slurry down the pipes, the best-in-class suction power of a  Beast Series wet/dry vac can become the life hack you never knew you needed. It also comes in handy when clearing a rattling garbage disposal, retrieving a wedding ring (oops!) or clearing out the dryer vent.

5. Gardening—Without Breaking A Sweat

DIY hard landscaping is a popular summer project, and offers something for all skill levels; but roasting in the sun isn’t so fun. Thankfully,  a wet/dry blower-vac can make short work of much more than sawdust, water leaks or winter leaves. When digging raised beds or moving masses of soil, gravel or mulch, throw out the back-breaking and time-consuming shovel-and-wheelbarrow method. By breaking up the soil first, you can then suck it up and dump it somewhere else; same with other materials. Or, if digging holes for poles or fencing, simply break up the soil in each spot, then move from one hole to the next sucking it up seamlessly.

6. Entertain The Kids All Summer

Sure, your powerful Beast Series wet/dry vac is cut out for serious projects and semi-pro endeavors—but it can still be a source of excitement and experiments around the home and yard. Keep the kiddos engaged and entertained all summer by playing with the possibilities that superior suction and blowing power offer: have a race to blow up pool toys; shoot tennis balls for the dog to chase; clean out the summer cooler and fill up water balloons. Most of all, have fun!

Read more about the best-in-class suction power, smarter airflow and design of the  Beast Series, or see all the specs of the VJH1211PF 12 Gallon Professional Wet/Dry Vac here.


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