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Get Yourself a Wet/Dry Vac That Can Do it All

Get Yourself a Wet/Dry Vac That Can Do it All

Nov 21st 2019

Master any mess around the home or workshop with this 2-in-1 tool. The  VBV1210 is powerful enough to handle any job, from messy cars to tough workshop clean-up. This wet/dry vac is equipped with a powerful 5 Peak HP motor, casters for easy transportation, and on-board storage for its robust accessory assortment. Oh, and don’t worry about damaging the tank - it’s made from a rugged polypropylene material that can handle the wear and tear of tough jobs. So whether someone (we don’t have to name names) spilled water, tracked dirt on your clean floors, or made a mess in the shop, this vac has you covered.

But the fun doesn’t end there. You can convert the VBV1210 from a vacuum to a powerful handheld blower with one hand tied behind your back. By simply pressing the button on the underside of the handle and lifting up, you could go from vacuuming out the garage to blowing leaves off the front lawn. With 210 MPH of blowing speed this blower would be a “best bang for your buck” deal even if it wasn’t attached to one of our innovative wet/dry vacs.

Have a look at what others are saying about this unique wet/dry vac:

“Not only does it deliver superior suction power with its 5-hp motor, but it also functions as a detached blower when removed from the collection tank. Essentially, the user gets two appliances for the price of one. Because the Vacmaster provides so much versatility at such a low retail price point, we are happy to endorse it as the Best Bang for Your Buck.” –

Need some help mastering your mess? Grab yourself a Vacmaster 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Vac with a Detachable Blower today!


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