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Being Disaster-Ready As A Homeowner

Being Disaster-Ready As A Homeowner

Posted by Vacmaster on Apr 3rd 2018

From flooding to fallen trees, this is your go-to guide.

As a hands-on homeowner, you’re smart with your investment—but there will always be the element of the unpredictable. Stay ahead of life’s curveballs by keeping these tips (and tools) top-of-mind when things go sideways.

1. Flooding

When water comes in a flash, get it out just as fast. Few things can send us into a sudden panic as homeowners like a flood. Whether it’s a burst pipe during your kitchen renovation, a malfunctioning appliance or nature doing her best to rain on your plans, a powerful wet/dry vac is going to be the peace-of-mind you need. (And industry-leading suction power doesn’t hurt, either.)

2. Fallen Or Dead Trees and Limbs

That dried-up spruce next to your fence? A torch waiting to blaze. That dead oak tree limb ready to fall on your deck? Future firewood. The tall pine that a thunderstorm knocked over with a loud crack? Not the décor you had in mind. Your best bet for a painless removal job after breaking down and mulching these fallen giants is a tool that can both suck up large debris and wood chips and blow the dust off your deck and out of your yard.

3. Snowstorms

While they may seem idyllic the next morning, those sparkling-white drifts of snow are quickly going to get in your way. Don’t let hours of shoveling slow you down or stop you from getting out: try the ingenious hack of using the suction power of this 12 Gallon Beast Series wet/dry vac from Vacmaster to suck up the snow as you go (just wheel it seamlessly to the side and dump it out of the way). Alternately, you could easily convert your vac to a “snow”-blower and blast your way out of the drifts.

4. Power Outage = Freezer Meltdown

When the power goes out, we expect it to be inconvenient. But in the searing heat of summer, if it isn’t turned back on in a day or so, other things start to go awry—the unexpected—like a now-defrosting fridge and freezer. And if you have multiple freezers (like a reach-in hunting/game cooler in the basement) you’ve got a nasty mess on hand. The right wet/dry vac can make the clean-up fast and easy: simply plug into a generator, suck up the leaks and save those gleaming hardwood floors you so painstakingly installed.

5. A Broken Water Line or Busted Water Heater

Never fun, and often in an area where you’ve got other projects in the works—like the basement or garage shop—messy floods like a broken water line or leaking water heater need to be fixed now. To keep the liquid portion under control while you deal with the other pressing task at hand (actually fixing the appliance or calling in a plumber) a super-fast, super-quiet wet/dry vac will be a lifesaver.

6. Broken Glass From A Hailstorm

Those teeny-tiny bits of hail during a random, early-spring shower? Cute. The golf-ball-sized monstrosities smashing through your car windshield—or worse, home windows when the wind turns—not so fun. Instead of sweating the broken glass underfoot or near-invisible shards, let your Beast Series vac suck it up, down to the last splinter, while you focus on the next steps of safety for your home and family.

7. Roof Damage From Big Storms

It’s unlikely (unless if you live in the Midwest), but big storms can strip shingles off your roof, damage the overall structure and fling unwanted debris and nails into the yard. Patching up the roof after such a storm is better left to the pros, but once the big job is done, a powerful wet/dry vac can take care of another important (and often overlooked) task: getting the dangerous bits of building material and rubble off the lawn you’ve worked so hard on.


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