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A Mess for Every Season: How Your Wet/Dry Vac Will Save You Every Month of the Year

A Mess for Every Season: How Your Wet/Dry Vac Will Save You Every Month of the Year

Posted by Vacmaster on Apr 3rd 2018

Keeping your new home tidy doesn’t have to be a chore.

SPRING: Pollen, Air Filters, Patio and Deck

When you hear “spring cleaning,” what comes to mind? Organizing your closet, scrubbing down the stove, dusting the window shades? All valid, but the messes and chores that come with owning a home can be a little bit, well, bigger.

Pollen, in particular, can start blanketing the world and making us miserable. A preventative way to help alleviate allergy symptoms is to use a HEPA-grade wet/dry vac to clear up any of it that gets tracked into the house, settles around the windows and vents, covers the front entrance or paints the car yellow. The same vac can also be used to cut down on the mess and dust of another spring chore: replacing your home’s air filters.

And in preparation for grilling season later on, sprucing up your screened-in porch or outside deck/patio after winter hibernation doesn’t have to mean hours of back-breaking work. This two-in-one, powerful wet/dry blower vac from Vacmaster can suck up dirt, clean out your grill, blow off twigs, leaves and seeds, as well as suck up any sudsy water from hosing down the planks—voila, spotless + ready to grill.

SUMMER: Garden Ponds, Kiddie Pools and Pet Shedding

Does your new home have a water feature—like a garden pond or swimming pool—that really sealed the deal? Unfortunately, summer sun means algae, duckweed and other scummy invaders will flourish on the surface of both a beautiful outdoor pond or the tarp that has been protecting your pool all winter and spring (while also collecting rain and leaves).

Being prepared for the serious yearly upkeep that comes hand-in-hand with these messes can be as simple as keeping the versatile, convenient wall-mountable wet/dry vac in your garage or shed. Quietly and quickly skim algae, dead leaves and scum off the top of your pond, and make short work of the same build-up currently sitting stagnant on your pool cover. Easy—now you’re ready to enjoy the water!

Have little ones that want to cool down, but don’t have a pool? Another fun summer activity is the simple kiddie-pool-plus-sprinkler game—and blowing up the toy (or emptying it at the end of a long summer day) doesn’t have to be a pain. The best-in-class built-in blower function of this wet/dry vac makes it fast, clean and painless.

And as we all know, for our fluffy friends, summer means shedding—and the bigger your pet, the more tumbleweeds of fur drifting across your home’s beautiful new floors. Instead of relying on the time-consuming, easily-clogged efforts of a traditional vacuum, make life easier by de-shedding your space—or even your pet, if they’re not bothered by it—with the easy-to-maneuver and carry, ultra-quiet VF408 from Vacmaster.

FALL: Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves

The first time landscaping falls to you as a new homeowner, you’re going to wonder if the leaves will ever stop falling from the trees around your house. Don’t stress about hours and hours of raking—there’s a faster, easier way. Use the built-in blower function of this wet/dry vac to make short work of the piles in your yard, on the driveway or on the car, and when it’s time to clean out the gutters, the powerful suction of the same tool doubles as an ingenious alternative to removing leaves by hand: simply attach the appropriate accessory and suck out the leaves, acorns, muck and water—all at once.

WINTER: Snow Day

Sure, that first morning after snowfall is beautiful—but when life goes on and you now need to clear a path through it to your car, the reality of homeownership sinks in. Instead of throwing out your back shoveling snow, try simply sucking it up with the portable power of the VF408 wet/dry vac from Vacmaster. You could also blow it out of the way with the two-in-one performance of the 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Blower vac, but be warned: that might start a neighborhood snowball fight.


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