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5 Outdoor Uses for Wet/Dry Vacs

5 Outdoor Uses for Wet/Dry Vacs

Posted by Vacmaster on Jun 4th 2018

5 Outdoor Uses for Wet/Dry Vacs

When you think of using your vac, what probably comes to mind is typical indoor uses like cleaning up the floors, carpets, ceiling fans, spills, stains, workshops and DIY successes (and failures!)—but a wet/dry vac is a great tool for outdoor work, beyond the garage and workspace. From blowing away loose leaves to cleaning up broken glass from your summer barbecue to draining your bird baths—little did you know, there is a Vacmaster for every outdoor mess.

Ash Maintenance

With cookouts and get together on the horizon, adding a wet/dry vac, like the Vacmaster’s Ash Vacuum, will make sure you’re ready for a get together any day or time by taking care of leftover ash in your grill or fire pit.

Bug Control

Blow off those pollen addicted bugs from your outdoor furniture so you and your friends and family have the perfect sitting area. Don’t forget to de-flood your bird baths where dead leaves, bugs and nasty water has accumulated from the winter months, too. An easy to handle, portable wet/dry vac like our BEASTSeries 5-gallon option, will do the trick.

Lawn care

Sure there’s always the classics: rake, shovel and barrel, but tackle yard work faster with the Vacmaster wet/dry vac with a detachable blower by blowing away the mountains of leaves, fallen tree limbs, acorns and other miscellaneous items in your yard by using the built-in blower function. Once you’re all cleaned up, easily switch your vac to suction out loose water and debris from planters and flower boxes to prep for the new soil and flower beds.

Outdoor Play Clean Up

Is your house a neighborhood hangout in the summer? One day they cool off with water balloons and leave a few hanging and the next, they made a crazy mess out by the sand box – no worries, clean it up and get the job done with the Vacmaster Beast Professional Series. Make the most of the 16-gallon and take care of multiple messes with just one tool.

Car Clean Out

Sure, the Vacmaster Wall Mountable wet/dry garage vac makes easy work of loose leaves and debris that find their way into your garage, but they’re also perfect for a quick clean out of car messes. Everything from mud to cheerios are easily managed with the 10-foot hose and easy-to-use remote control.

Not sure your vac can handle that outdoor mess? Let us hear it on Facebook. We might just test it out for you!  


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