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4 Best Wet/Dry Vacs for Use Outdoors

Aug 29th 2018

4 Best Wet/Dry Vacs for Use Outdoors

If you spend time outdoors, keeping your landscape maintained or your outdoor space clear, having the right wet/dry vac is critical. From quickly taking care of leaves, dirt and excess mulch to cleaning up clogged curbs and car leaks, a wet/dry vac is the easiest way to master outdoor messes.

As you start preppingfor fall cleanup, find the best wet/dry vac for your needs and be sure to add a vac to your toolkit.

1. Vacmaster 12 Gallon with detachable blower wet/dry vac

This Vacmaster wet/dry vac with a detachable blower is a shoo-in for outdoor use thanks to the quick release, one-handed conversion detachable blower. Plus, the extra-large drain port makes for easy disposal of standing water in your driveway, unwanted lawn clippings and more.

2. Workshop High Power wet/dry vac

The high-power Workshop wet/dry vac is built to tackle large messes and includes accessory storage to easily grab attachments you might need in the outdoor cleaning process. The 14-gallon size allows extra storage space for the biggest of messes helping you avoid back and forth cleanouts of the vac.

3. Dewalt coordless wet/dry vac

If your outdoor space has no power outlet accessibility, you might want to consider Dewalt’s cordless option for your outdoor needs. Powered by a strong 18 or 20-volt battery, this option offers a lot of portability and versatility, easy to grab on the go but powerful enough to handle big messes.

4. Shop-Vac wet/dry vac

A tad smaller in size, this five-gallon Shop-Vac can clean up everyday messes outdoors. The dent-free stainless-steel tank is built to last and comes with a rear blower port to switch from sucking up garage debris to blowing away those pesky leaves.

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