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7.4V Handheld Wet/Dry Car Vacuum AA07V1 0901

AA07V1 0901
3.00 LBS
Discover the ultimate solution for maintaining a spotless car interior with the Armor All® 7.4V Cordless Wet/Dry Car Vac!
  • Perfect for Cleaning Dirt and Debris, as well as Liquids from Vehicles
  • Effortlessly Reach Every Corner of the Room or Car with Cordless Operation
  • Powerful 7.4V Motor provides 20-inches of Water Lift
  • Compact Design and Ergonomic Handle to Easily Maneuver Between Seats and Other Tight Spaces
  • Reusable Cartridge Filter Traps Dust Particles and Protects the Motor
  • Conveniently Charge the Vac while on the Road or at Home, with a Simple USB Connection

Discover the ultimate solution for maintaining a spotless car interior with the Armor All® 7.4V Cordless Wet/Dry Car Vac! This handheld vac boasts a 20-inch high-water lift motor, encapsulated in a sleek, compact design, ensuring maximum suction power to tackle everyday vehicular spills and debris with ease. Experience the freedom of cordless convenience, enabling you to effortlessly transition from indoor clean-ups to your vehicle without the constraints of a power cord. Easily clean even the most challenging of spaces with an array of versatile nozzles. Utilize the crevice tool to eradicate dust and debris from tight spaces, the flexible hose for under-the-seat areas, the detail brush for vents and dashboards, and the squeegee nozzle for efficient liquid spill removal. Elevate your vehicle's cleanliness with Armor All’s 7.4V Cordless Wet/Dry Car Vac - the perfect companion for quick, thorough, and hassle-free car maintenance.




Included Accessories

  • Motor: 7.4V DC 2200mAh
  • Tank Capacity (oz): 14*
  • CFM: 12.68‡
  • Water Lift (in): 20‡
  • Air Watts: 7.5‡
  • Tool Weight (lbs): 1.2
  • Crevice Tool
  • Dust Brush
  • Squeegee Nozzle
  • Cartridge Filter
  • Flexible Hose
  • Storage Bag
  • USB Charging Cable



WARRANTY | 2 Year Limited




* "Tank Size" refers to the actual tank volume, and does not reflect capacity available during operation.
† "Peak Horsepower" is a term used in the wet-dry vac industry for consumer comparison purposes. It does not denote the operational horsepower output of a wet-dry vac, but rather the horsepower output of a motor, including the motor’s inertial contribution, achieved in laboratory testing. In actual use, motors do not operate at the peak horsepower shown.
‡ CFM, Water Lift, and Air Watts tested to ASTM standard at the end of included hose.

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